Gulen Movement Pure Politics


A crackdown on Turkey’s failed military coupists could be exactly the wrong strategy for president Recep Tayyip Erdogan to employ in dealing with opposition to his rule.

All four opposition parties have condemned the coup, which Erdogan claims was organized by former ally Fethullah Gulen, a self-exiled moderately-fundamentalist cleric with a large following who broke with Erdogan in 2013 over corruption. Gulen has condemned the coup and denied involvement.

Erdogan has called the coup “treason”, called for Gulen’s extradition to Turkey from the US and launched a purge of the armed forces and justice department of alleged “Gulenists”, although thousands had already been dismissed or prosecuted in 2014 when schools and charities run by Gulen’s Hizmet movement were shut down. Fresh purges now could drive Gulen’s supporters underground.

Gulen Movement Pure Politics
Middle East again flare up. This time override the state of Turkish democracy. The military tried to take over the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. But soon be resolved quickly by the Erdogan government, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) called for the military to immediately return to the barracks.

The coup is not all supported by the Turkish military. Erdogan guessed, this coup carried out by Gulenist (followers) Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish education experts who had previously supported the AKP (Justice and Development Party Erdogan-place shelter) but turned into opposition Erdogan.

AKP and Gulen shoulder to shoulder to form a democratic system and political stability of Turkey. Many developing the opinion regarding the cause of the conflict Erdogan-Gulen. Like, Gulen allegedly pro-KDP Kurdish opposite with Erdogan, Gulen bring down power to perform a number of movements which endanger confidential position, Erdogan’s government has accused Gulen by allegations of corruption and assess Gulen-Erdogan authoritarian figure who hide behind democracy.

Conflict Erdogan-Gulen is an impact on the closure of schools Gulen pre-owned universities in Turkey. Of course, the closure of schools reduces Gulen Gulen coffers that led to the conflict escalating. Until eventually led to Gulen retreated to Pensylvania, USA. Some speculation is growing that the existence of Gulen in the United States could not be separated from the support of the country to topple Erdogan called Islamic.

Gulen was also alleged by the Erdogan has established schools “like” Kemal Ataturk, known as a liberal Turkey after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. But a number of observers from abroad as Bill Park of King’s College University of London said, Gulen has changed the Turkish education system than just the political education towards science education.

Curriculum of schools established Gulen concentration in science and technology as well as English. Branch Gulen schools are also growing up abroad. Gulen is a scholar who was instrumental in the modernization process of Turkish education.

Pure Politics
Gulen secret movement which alleged Erdogan known as Hizmet movement that is a socio-religious movement. Actually, such a movement is already widely known in other Muslim countries such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Islamic Rescue Front in Algeria, and Hamas (al-Haraqah al-Muqowwamah al-Islamiyah) in Palestine.

Initially the movements focus on religious services problems and devotion. But finally, the religious social movement into a political force capable of overthrowing the leader of the ruling or the opposition to gain power. Democratic conditions existing in Turkey could be one factor contributing to organizations or movements like Gulen thrives.

The democratic system in a country of his birth at the beginning will surely reap a lot of conflict. There are no eternal friends and enemies. For groups that their political goals are not met, then he will become the opposition of a government that was in power. Likewise with the Gulen Movement, which was initially a strong coalition government of Erdogan, turned into a political opponent even with military force trying to take over the government and no longer heed the democratic system ever fought together.

In achieving its objectives, could be affiliated with the Gulen Movement anyone to push their political goals. For example, with the Kurdish PKK which is opposite with the government. According to the Daily Sabah, things do Gulen to disrupt so AKP did not win the election on June 7, 2015 and that the presence of the Gezi Park demonstrations. Demonstrators protest against government policies that will build a shopping center on-site garden.

US Behind The Coup Attempt of Turkey?
The issue of conspiracy theory again pushed for the attempted coup against Erdogan’s government by some Turkish military. This is because Fethullah Gulen, leader suspected mastermind behind the coup Turks living in the United States.

Most sight seeing, the foreign policy of the United States (US) who wants to put an end to the reign of Islamist Erdogan known and less supportive of US and European policies. Some policies Erdogan as docked to the Middle East, distancing themselves as allies of the West, interfere with the Syrian conflict by supporting the opposition Assad, Ankara is suspected by the West to cooperate with ISIS (Islamic State of Syria and Iraq) in the oil trade, and very “hard” against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

It is this attitude which led Erdogan to lose a lot of its foreign allies. However, this opinion can be refuted by active Turkey as a NATO member. This time, Turkey is also an important coalition of the United States and Europe. Turkey needs a coalition with the West for the sake of domestic politics undermining securing the government of the breakaway Kurds as a nation with the state. ***


*) TIA MARIATUL KIBTIAH (Head of Politics Middle East Department, ISMES)

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