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Jalan AS untuk Tekan Iran

Februari 29, 2012 admin 0 2780 views

Banyak pihak mengkhawatirkan campur tangan militer asing dalam konflik di Suriah. Campur tangan itu dikhawatirkan menjadikan Suriah seperti Libia dan  irak. Untuk memahami kondisi di […]

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Syria counts vote of controversial referendum

Februari 27, 2012 admin 0 2957 views

Vote counting after Syria’s referendum on a new constitution is under way with the results expected on Monday, but Western nations and some of the opposition, which boycotted the exercise, have labelled […]

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Why Iran thinks it needs the bomb

Februari 23, 2012 admin 0 2726 views

By RAY TAKEYH The Washington Post WASHINGTON — Bombastic claims of nuclear achievement, threats to close critical international waterways, alleged terrorist plots and hints of […]